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  • Very happy with the quote........what an excellent company!!! Very happy to have been referred to you.....
    Jean M.
  • DC trash of Illinois we joined last week and are very very happy with their services. The savings I am now enjoying is absolutely wonderful. You can use your own trash cans or you can use trash cans supplied by them. They also will pick up one large item per week, so I put out a queen size box spring and they picked it up with no problem. Other disposal services do not do that you have to call them and if they can pick it up it's like a $25 or more fee. DC trash you are awesome. Thank you for including the Belvidere area with your services. Belvidere residence and businesses get on board you don't know what you're missing.
    Particia G.
  • Just took a big sigh for a good reason :)  I dumped my garbage company for DC Trash of Illinois. I'm tired of getting huge bills from the monopoly for rural weekly pickup's, finally we have another choice!
    Lori H.
  • I would like to give a shout out to our garbage man this week. As he was driving past our house yesterday (after collecting the trash earlier that morning) he stopped to upright our can and drag it off the road. It was blowing and sleeting like crazy out here. So nice that he did that for us. The can wasn’t even in the street. Gotta love a company that gives great customer service! When we had the other company, they put huge stickers on our cans yelling at us because we didn’t place the cans in the correct curbside position.   Great job guys!!
    Mary Dwyer Homes
  • People are bragging about you! Thanks for being so awesome
    Bianca V.
  • It's impressive to see what I can only believe to be the owner of the company, driving a DC pickup truck through our neighborhood almost weekly on garbage day to ensure things got done efficiently. Always waves hello too.
    Melissa D.
  • And most importantly, they are clean! No garbage at the end of my driveway to clean up after I get home from work.
    Adam B.
  • Love DC Trash, AND they give us options to dispose of yard waste!!!
    Karen D.
  • If you haven't looked into changing your garbage service to DC trash you really should.  Great prices. Great service. Great people. And a local company!
    Karen G.
  • There are not enough words to Thank you for all the help you and your crew gave this weekend for Corn Fest! We appreciate it SO much!
    Melissa B.
  • HUGE thank you to Mike at DC Trash! I was afraid to put my cans at the end of my driveway for pick up since the wind blew our trampoline about 100 feet. Mike ran up my driveway and grabbed my cans, rolled them down my driveway, emptied them, and brought them back up to my house. Awesome.
    Cari June B.